Updated UW Lab Safety Manual


With the new quarter underway, researchers are developing their formulas for safety success!  Updates include additional resources to assess lab hazards, a link to a new lab safety responsibilities matrix, chemical storage, chemical shipments, training, sharps and other information.  A list of significant changes is highlighted in the log of changes.

Principal Investigators (PIs), it’s time to review and prominently bookmark (or print a copy of) the updated version of the UW Lab Safety Manual (LSM)  and make it available for all staff and students in your lab.

All personnel in UW laboratories using hazardous chemicals must have access to a current copy of the Lab Safety Manual, including supplemental laboratory-specific information.

For those who would like a complete manual in paper, the latest version is available through the UW Copy Center. Use this online form to order yours today!  

    Now that you have your LSM, it’s time to focus on training… 

Did you know…?  Laboratory Safety & Compliance is a required course for all PIs, chemical hygiene officers, and other lab personnel in a supervisory role in research and teaching laboratories.  For more information, and to register, please visit the Laboratory Safety & Compliance training course page or contact Tracy Harvey at tdy@uw.edu to reserve your space.