Capital Safety Projects


EH&S funds capital projects to improve safety-related building elements and safety systems to mitigate occupational and environmental hazards.

EH&S manages a budget to perform safety improvements of University-owned buildings and grounds. The intent of capital safety projects is to improve existing conditions that present a safety or regulatory compliance risk in buildings and on grounds that cannot otherwise be addressed through other improvements and maintenance. The process, from the initial request to project completion, is detailed in the Capital Safety Project Program Manual.

Projects are generally capital in nature and focused on installing and improving safety-related building elements and safety systems for the purpose of mitigating occupational and environmental hazards. These funds cannot be used for operational expenses.

Projects that include the following elements and systems generally qualify:

  • Asbestos presenting an occupational hazard
  • Egress improvements
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Emergency pathway lighting and exit signs
  • Emergency washing facilities (eye washes and/or showers)
  • Environmental mitigation - minor
  • Fire alarm retrofit and replacement
  • Fire resistant construction improvements
  • Fire sprinkler retrofit
  • Guardrail and handrail improvements
  • Laboratory ventilation improvements
  • Non-structural seismic improvements
  • Plumbing cross connections
  • Safety signs
  • Shop ventilation and electrical improvements
  • Slip/trip/fall improvements
  • Smoke control projects
  • Other

Projects that generally do not qualify include:

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Asbestos and other hazardous material abatement associated with other construction projects
  • Changes to a building or facility due to a new or enhanced use
  • Equipment, especially portable equipment
  • Major environmental mitigation projects
  • Operating and preventive maintenance costs
  • Projects at UW Bothell and UW Tacoma
  • Projects in leased buildings
  • Safety upgrades associated with other renovation work

To request funding for a capital safety project, download and complete the Capital Safety Project Request Form

Projects are prioritized by EH&S and completed as funding becomes available.



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