Safety and Program Manuals

All University personnel and students are required to follow the guidance provided in the University’s safety manuals and program manuals that are applicable to hazards in their work area and/or associated with a specific job task.

The safety and program manuals listed below were prepared in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and policies.

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Accident Prevention Plan and Supplemental Accident  Prevention Plan

Audience: All University personnel

Topics: The Accident Prevention Plan outlines policies and procedures implemented to reduce or anticipated workplace hazards for all personnel in all work environments. Units use the Supplemental Accident Prevention Plan to address employee protections from site-specific occupational hazards that extend beyond the core Accident Prevention Plan.

Last updated: August 2023

Biosafety Manual

Audience: University personnel working with biohazards

Topics: Provides detailed information about policies and safe practices for work with biohazardous agents

Last updated: March 2023

Boating Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: University personnel working on research vessels

Topics: Provides detailed information about policies and safe practices for work conducted on research vessels

Last Updated: April 2019

Chemical Hazard Communication Program Manual (PDF) 

Audience: Applies to all University employees, students and visitors at all UW locations where chemicals are used, transported, stored or manufactured; does not apply to individuals who work in research, educational and clinical laboratories

Topics: Addresses classifying the potential hazards of chemicals and communicating information concerning hazards and appropriate protective measures to employees

Last Updated: August 2021

Confined Space Program Manual (PDF)

Audience: Applies to all University employees, researchers, students, and contractors who may be required to enter UW owned or leased confined spaces; and UW employees who may be required to enter confined spaces owned and/or managed by another employer or organization

Topics: Safety and compliance requirements to ensure personnel safety and prevent personal injury or illness from work in confined spaces

Last Updated: August 2021

Crane, Hoist and Rigging Safety Program Manual (PDF)

Audience: University units and departments that own or operate cranes, hoists and rigging equipment

Topics: Safety and compliance requirements to prevent personal injury or illness that could result during the use of overhead cranes, hoists, and the rigging of loads

Last Updated: August 2023

Diving Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: Scientific divers engaging in operations under the auspices of the University

Topics: Sets policy and provides general and specific regulations for all research diving and training; ensure that all scientific diving is conducted in a manner that will maximize protection of scientific divers from accidental injury and/or illness, and to set standards for training and certification

Last Updated: 2019

Fall Protection Program Manual (PDF)

Audience: All University employees and personnel engaged in work-related activities where there is a risk of falling from an elevation

Topics: Identification and assessment of fall hazards, prevention measures, and safe work practices to reduce the risk of falling when working at heights

Last Updated: December 2022

Field Operations Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: Responsible party with designated authority by a University department, school or administrative unit to direct a field research or teaching program or project; dean, department chair and director of the department; field workers, including employees and students

Topics: Risk management issues that are relevant for field courses and research, international trips, research expeditions, and other outdoor excursions

Last Updated: June 2022

Food Safety Program Manual (PDF)

Audience: University personnel, students, volunteers, vendors and contractors involved in food service activities and temporary food service events

Topics: Outlines the requirements, roles and responsibilities, and practices of the UW Food Safety Program

Last Updated: November 2023

Hazardous Energy Control LOTO Program Manual

Audience: All University employees, researchers, students, vendors and contractors who may be required to service or maintain UW owned or leased machinery or equipment

Topics: Outlines requirements for the development and documentation of equipment-specific procedures to ensure employee safety and prevent injury or illness that could result during the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment

Last Updated: June 2022

Hearing Loss Prevention Program and Procedures (PDF)

Audience: University departments with employees and students exposed to 85 decibels or above during an 8-hour (time-weighted average) period

Topics: Outlines responsibilities for preventing permanent hearing loss caused by excessive noise

Last Updated: April 2014

Laboratory Safety Manual

Audience: Faculty, staff, and students working in University research and teaching laboratories where hazardous chemicals are in use

Topics: The contents of this document satisfy the state requirement for a Chemical Hygiene Plan when supplemented with laboratory-specific information. Outlines policies and procedures that apply at all locations that serve as assigned workplaces and educational settings for University of Washington faculty, staff, and students.

Last Updated: December 2023

Laser Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: UW personnel owning, supervising, operating and working in the proximity to Class 3B or Class 4 lasers

Topics: Covers laser basics, hazards and safety standards, safety responsibilities, control measures, standard operating procedures, alignment guidelines, and emergency procedures

Last Updated: August 2007

Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: Operators of non-ionizing radiation equipment

Topics: Provides safety information and monitoring exposure to reduce risk of injury and prevent overexposure

Last Updated: June 2017

Radiation Safety Manual (PDF)

Audience: Applies to University researchers holding a Radiation Use Authorization and University departments and unit with radiation producing machines

Topics: Describes policies, systems, and procedures to assure proper control of radiation sources and radioactive materials at the University

Last Updated: May 2023

Respiratory Protection Program Manual (PDF)

Audience: Personnel, units and departments participating in the UW Respiratory Protection Program

Topics: Describes the responsibilities of personnel, units and departments participating in the UW Respiratory Protection Program

Last Updated: April 2023


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