New electrical safety training options


Updated May 15, 2024

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) now offers three electrical safety courses to meet the diverse needs of University personnel. These courses are designed to meet regulatory requirements and enhance workplace safety for everyone involved.

  1. The Electrical Safety Low Voltage Qualified course is required for University personnel to be qualified to work on exposed energized parts operating between 50 and 600 volts to ground and requires retraining every three years. This may include skilled trades supervisors, engineers, electricians, and others assigned to work on low voltage circuits. This comprehensive 8-hour training covers the regulatory requirements, safe work practices, personal protective equipment requirements, and establishing electrically safe work conditions.
  2. The 2-hour Electrical Safety in the Workplace course is required for personnel who have the potential to be exposed to energized parts through their work activities but who do not have or require the qualified electrical worker designation as defined in the Washington Administrative Code. This course addresses general safety regulations, hazard identification, and personal protective equipment requirements. Retraining is required every three years.
  3. The Electrical Safety Awareness Online course offers basic safety awareness and recognition skills for personnel who don't directly engage with energized electrical parts. While not mandatory, it's a valuable resource for enhancing electrical safety awareness.

Visit the EH&S Course Catalog for detailed information on each course, including schedules and enrollment procedures. Ensuring electrical safety in the workplace is paramount for the well-being of our University community.

If you have questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to contact EH&S Training for assistance.