Building Emergency Procedures and Resources


Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) offers resources to help organizational units prepare for various types of building emergencies that may arise. This page provides documents that can be useful to help plan for these emergencies.

Additional information about responding to emergencies and conducting evacuation drills can be found on the Building Evacuation and Fire Drills page.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

Organizational units are required to develop a written Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan (FSEP) for each campus building they occupy. EH&S provides fire safety resources to our campus partners, including a template to be used as a starting point to develop your Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.

  • Use the EH&S template to create a building-specific plan that outlines responsibilities, emergency procedures, evacuation procedures and evacuation methods and locations.

  • Review the instructions on how to complete, publish and distribute your building’s Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.  

Have questions? Review the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at 206-685-0341.

Building emergency procedures

EH&S provides University units/departments with quick reference guides for responding to emergencies. You can add these guides to your Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan if desired. 

These guides can also be useful tools to include in an evacuation warden's clipboard provided during Evacuation Warden Training. They have been developed primarily for the Seattle campus, but can be easily modified for other areas.

Additional resources

Reporting a fire

Report all unintended fires, including unintended open flames and smoke without a visible flame, to EH&S at or (206) 685-0341. Visit the Fire Safety and Prevention page for more information on reporting fires.

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