UW personnel who use chemicals or chemical-containing products at any UW owned or leased facility are required to maintain chemical inventories in MyChem, the UW’s chemical tracking system.

Chemical inventories are linked to a principal investigator (PI) or supervisor, other area contacts, and contain Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). They help the University comply with federal, state and local hazardous material regulations, including Hazardous Material Storage and Use Permits, Hazard Communication, Community Right-To-Know and the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard. MyChem can also be used to:


Accessing MyChem

Visit the MyChem website and enter your UW NetID and password.

Click the Person menu link:

  1. Fill in the Person Details fields.
  2. If you are a principal investigator or responsible party, select "PI" or "RP" as your role.
  3. If you are not a principal investigator or responsible party, select "Contact" or "Other" as your role. Enter the UWNetID of the principal investigator or responsible party who must respond to an email confirmation.
  4. Click Add.

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