Tips for a successful chemical waste collection


Updated May 15, 2024

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) has taken steps to increase staffing and is working with campus partners to reduce delays with chemical waste collections. The two most common issues that delay chemical waste pickup from labs include:

  1. EH&S is unable to access the space where waste containers are kept.
  2. Waste is not clearly labeled and/or there is no clear indication of the waste storage location within the space (when the lab is unoccupied).

These issues can lead to EH&S making several attempts to fulfill one waste collection request.

Requesters can increase the likelihood of a successful collection on the first attempt by following these recommendations:

  • On the waste collection request form: At the end of the submittal process, write in the "Notes to EH&S" who can be contacted if the room is inaccessible and unoccupied, or if the waste is not easily identifiable.
  • Notify personnel within the space that a request has been submitted and EH&S will be arriving to collect it within a few weeks.
  • Designate a “waste” area within the room where chemicals can be safely stored for pick up. 

It is essential for EH&S and our campus partners to work together to create a safer environment when managing hazardous waste on campus. This includes establishing safe waste labeling, storage, and collection procedures to prevent chemical hazards.

Please visit the Chemical Waste page or contact EH&S Environmental Programs for more information on chemical waste collection.