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The University of Washington (UW), through the UW Fall Protection Program Manual, is committed to protecting employees and others from fall hazards through safe design, hazard elimination, engineering controls, safe work practices, training, and personal protective equipment when necessary. The requirements in this document must be in accordance with all applicable regulations, codes, standards and industry best practices.

Washington state created a new standard, Unified Safety Standards for Fall Protection (Washington Administrative Code 296-880).The new standard includes new and updated regulations related to walking-working surfaces, stairways and stairway railing systems, guardrail systems, fall protection training, and ladders. Changes include:

  • Revised fall protection training requirements
  • Updated “trigger heights” table clarifies settings and conditions when fall protection is required for a fall hazard - at any height, at 4 feet, and at 10 feet
  • Updated definition of a "hole” and fall protection requirements near hole

EH&S updated the following sections in the UW Fall Protection Program Manual in February 2021 to reflect the new standards:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Fall Hazard Assessment - Fall Protection Trigger Heights table
  • Fall Protection Requirements
  • Walking-Working Surfaces
  • Ladders
  • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms
  • Roof Activities
  • Training

In addition, an appendix was added covering new regulations for stairway railings and stairway railing systems.


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