New online portal for biosafety inspections and radiation services


In February 2020, all new biosafety and radiation safety laboratory inspections are available through the online Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) portal.

After your next biosafety or radiation safety inspection:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) and laboratory contact will receive an email with a link to the inspection report and summary.
  • Laboratories will use the EHSA portal to view the inspection report and respond to the inspection findings.

Radiation Safety personnel and Biosafety Officers can assist in demonstrating EHSA software features during your next inspection. For radiation permit holders, laboratories will be contacted to schedule an annual inspection.

Inspections prior to February 2020 are not available online; please contact if you need copies of these records.

For laboratories with Radiological Use Authorizations, the EHSA portal has the following features:

  • Create and submit radioactive waste pickup requests.
  • Submit Usage and Disposal Records (previously the Form 160).
  • View current radioactive materials inventory, activity limits, and remaining inventory limit.
  • View Radiation Use Authorization (RUA).
  • Print Certificate of Authorization for laboratories.
  • View list of survey meters, liquid scintillation counters, and gamma counters, including last calibration and calibration due date.

The PI and the laboratory contact associated with the Biological Use Authorization (BUA) and/or Radiological Use Authorization (RUA) will have access to the EHSA portal using their UWNetID credentials. To request access to EHSA for additional laboratory contacts, email with the contact’s UWNetID and PI name.

Future upgrades will include incorporation of EHSA with the Lab Safety Dashboard. For help in navigating EHSA, please access the guides in the links on the EHSA page, or email or