Radiation Detection Instrument Calibration

EH&S operates a radiation detection instrument repair and calibration facility that can accommodate a wide variety of equipment.

Routine calibration of radiation detection instruments is a required condition of regulatory and radioactive material licensing. All portable count rate meters (commonly referred to as GM Survey meters or “Geiger “ counters) and exposure rate meters (commonly referred to as ion chambers) require annual calibration.

Radiation Producing Devices

All radiation producing devices (RPD) are regulated by the Washington State Department of Health and must be registered with the state prior to use. The University possesses one registration managed by EH&S’s Radiation Safety team. Depending on the type of device and its intended use, there are requirements for facility design, worker training and protection, and device operation.

Radiation Producing Devices Registration Form


Radiation producing devices are any equipment that when energized capable of emitting ionizing radiation. Types of radiation producing devices include X-ray diffraction or fluorescence units, electron microscopes, particle accelerators, E-beam evaporator, and veterinary/dental/medical radiography devices.

All radiation producing devices used in UW owned or leased facilities must be registered using this form.


Personnel Monitoring

Federal and state regulations require the UW to monitor the radiation dose to employees who may be exposed to radiation as part of their job duties.

Employees whose job duties result in exposure to radiation may be assigned dosimeters to monitor their exposure. Depending on the source and amount of exposure, this may include whole body badges, rings or both. Individual badges are collected monthly or quarterly, and the reported doses are reviewed by an EH&S Radiation Safety team member.

Laser Safety

The Laser Safety Program is established to facilitate and ensure the safe and knowledgeable use of lasers in laboratories, classrooms and the environment.