Lab Safety Awareness Week 2023


Help raise awareness of safe lab practices!

Lab Safety Awareness Week is an event held at academic institutions nation-wide February 13-17. This event is dedicated to recognizing the successes of laboratory safety programs and offering ideas on how to keep faculty, staff and students safe.Lab Safety Awareness Week Challenge Card 2023

Participants in this year’s Lab Safety Awareness Week who conduct a check of their lab’s safety resources are eligible to win a prize from EH&S by completing our challenge card.

Each activity on the Lab Safety Awareness Week Challenge card has a link to an EH&S resource or webpage that can provide you with tools or additional information for that specific topic.

  1. Complete and check off the activities.
  2. Write your name and campus mailbox number at the bottom of the form.
  3. Take a photo of one task completed in the lab.
  4. Take a photo of your challenge card.
  5. Email both photos to

The first 100 responses will receive a prize package.  

Questions? Contact the Lab Safety Team at