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The University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Plan (Word) helps ensure the health and safety of personnel by reducing the potential for COVID-19 transmission at the University of Washington.

This document is also available in PDF format.

Log of changes for 12/8/22

  • Updated Section B Procedures for Sick Individuals, Reporting, COVID-19 Case Response to clarify testing procedures for personnel and students who experience any new onset of symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

Log of changes for 12/7/22

  • Updated Section A Vaccination to align with the UW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.
  • Updated links to regulatory references.

Log of changes for 9/23/22

  • Deleted references to the Workplace COVID-19 Risk Level and Selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guide for determining PPE based on potential risk of exposure to COVID-19

Log of changes for 9/9/22

  • Removed Definitions section (moved content into the appropriate sections or linked to definitions)
  • Updated the name of the COVID-19 Public Health Requirements and Guidance Flowchart to “COVID-19 Public Health Flowchart

Section A. Vaccination: Clarified that booster doses are not required.

Section B. Procedures for Sick Individuals, Reporting and COVID-19 Case Response:

  • Personnel and students who experience any symptoms of COVID-19 infection that are not attributed to another condition are required to follow the instructions provided in Section B.
  • Replaced list of testing options with a link to the COVID-19 Testing webpage.
  • Added link to Types of COVID-19 Tests webpage.
  • Clarified the required steps for individuals who test positive.
  • Updated the guidance for individuals who had close contact exposure.

Section C. Good Hygiene: Updated link to download Stay Healthy, Huskies posters

Section D. Clean Surfaces: Added links to Appendix Table 1 that provides detailed information on the responsibilities for cleaning and disinfecting University spaces

Section E. Face Coverings, PPE and Alternative Strategies:

  • Explained the connection between face covering requirements and COVID-19 Community Levels
  • Removed recommendations for wearing a face covering in specific scenarios

Section F. Communication and Training:

Attachment A: Updated the checklist to reflect the changes in Sections A through F listed above.


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