Plant Research Biosafety


Plants are an important research tool used to learn more about basic life processes and to help answer questions in agriculture, health and the environment. Plant research generally does not pose a risk to human health but can pose a hazard to other plants and the environment. Research involving plant diseases, plant pests, or genetically modified plants requires containment from the natural environment and from agricultural crops and markets.


The 2019 Biosafety Manual is now online

The 2019 edition of the UW Biosafety Manual is here! The most significant changes include:

  • Centrifuging biohazards information clarified
  • Biohazardous waste section reorganized
  • Approved autoclave chemical integrators included
  • Sharps safety information added
  • Risk assessment and routes of exposure updated
  • PI definition from IBC charter added
  • New biosafety cabinet type added

A list of changes is included in the log of changes.