New Low Voltage Electrical Safety training course


Updated April 10, 2023

EH&S is offering a Low Voltage Electrical Safety training course which is required for University electricians, welders, and other personnel who are assigned to work with (or near) exposed electrical circuits operating at 50 to 600 volts to ground in accordance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 296-24 Part L).  

The Low Voltage Electrical Safety course is taught by a licensed electrical engineer who focuses on safe and practical ways to troubleshoot equipment to create an electrically safe working condition in conjunction with lockout/tagout of energized equipment. Read the full course description on the Low Voltage Electrical Safety training course webpage for more information.

The training is a full-day classroom (in-person) course with capacity for 30 people. Visit the course registration page to find an upcoming date and location. The cost is $224 per person and a budget number is required. Other forms of payment are not able to be accepted.  

Contact the EH&S Training team at (206) 543-7201 or for more information.