Guidance for preparing radiation items for surplus


EH&S Radiation Safety has resources and guidance for University laboratories when preparing radiation items for surplus. The resources include a new Preparing Radiation Items for Surplus Focus Sheet.

Certain items used for radiation may pose a risk to individuals. Any item with a radioactive sticker, acrylic radiation shields and boxes, gas chromatographs, lasers, liquid scintillation counters, and x-ray equipment, among others must be cleared by Radiation Safety prior to sending the equipment to UW Surplus.Radiation Safety Clearance Form

Items not accepted by UW Surplus include radiation detection equipment, lead-containing materials, x-ray film, and x-ray plates. Sending radiation items to UW Surplus that are not accepted or not cleared by Radiation Safety may expose UW Surplus staff or the general public to radiological hazards or result in the University incurring citations.

EH&S recommends taking precautions when sending items to UW Surplus by doing the following:

  • Review the new Preparing Radiation Items for Surplus Focus Sheet and implement all applicable guidance.
  • Request clearance of radiation items and a Radiation Safety Clearance Form from the EH&S Radiation Safety Office at 206-543-0463 or at
  • Talk with your colleagues about the importance of following safety procedures.

For questions or additional guidance, please contact EH&S Radiation Safety at or 206-543-0463.