Shop Safety Audit and Inspection Explanations

EH&S has recently updated our inspection checklist and how we conduct shop inspections. As of March 2021, EH&S is now using the Safety Stratus inspection software to provide better inspections by increasing transparancy, tracking follow-up on response items, and allowing shop managers to directly see the inspector's comments. 

Shops at the University of Washington are required to have a Shop Safety Inspection once every two years. The EH&S Shop Safety Team will be responsible for sending out scheduling requests and arranging for an inspection. If your shop has not had a Shop Safety Inspection in over two years, please reach out to to schedule a Shop Safety Inspection. 

Shop managers can log on to LabCliQ by SafetyStratus to see the results of their shop inspection. 

Our old Shop Safety Inspection Explanations are archived for your reference.

Please see below for a full list of questions that are asked during the Shop Safety Inspection. 


Shop Inspection Question Explanations


Shop and Maker Space Safety Program Contact

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