COVID-19 Safety Training: Back to the Workplace

30 minutes
Prior to or upon returning to work on-site at a University work location
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The University’s COVID-19 Safety Training: Back to the Workplace includes information to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on campus such as social and physical distancing, staying home if you are sick, symptom attestation, proper hygiene measures, cleaning and disinfection procedures, required face coverings and personal protective equipment.

Note: COVID-19 Safety Training: Back to the Workplace must be completed by all University personnel before or upon returning to work on site at a University location.

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University units may provide their own training (e.g., medical centers) that covers the elements of the University’s COVID-19 Safety Training. University units that wish to provide their own training to personnel may download and utilize the Back to the Workplace training slides. Units that provide their own COVID-19 safety training for returning to work must document and retain attendance records as required by Governor Inslee’s Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery plan.

In addition to general University’s COVID-19 Safety Training, units are required to provide documented training on the contents of their unit or site-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan.

COVID-19 Safety Training Report

University supervisors, managers and unit leaders can access a report of COVID-19 Safety Training records by organization code or manager using the COVID-19 Safety Training Report tool.

Intended Audience 

All University of Washington personnel must complete COVID-19 safety training.


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