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The UW Biosafety Manual provides students, staff, and faculty at UW with information that is necessary to protect them and the surrounding community from possible hazards associated with the use of biohazardous agents and recombinant or synthetic DNA/RNA (recDNA) molecules.

All laboratories and facilities using biohazards should have an electronic or paper copy of the current Biosafety Manual available.

This manual is updated annually. Refer to the log of changes to review recent updates. If you have questions about the manual or its contents, please contact EH&S Biosafety at or 206.221.7770.

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Table of Contents


Emergency Information

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – Review Procedures for Research at UW

Section 3 – Risk Assessment

Section 4 – Procedures for Biohazard Control

Section 5 – Employee Occupational Health Program

Section 6 – Emergency Preparedness and Response

Appendix A – Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

Appendix B – Posting Biohazard Signs and Labels

Appendix C – Transporting and Shipping Biohazardous Agents

Appendix D – Current Records Maintained in Biosafety Manual

Appendix E – Website Links


Biosafety Manual
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Biological Safety Contact

(206) 221-7770