Hand Sanitizer Fire Safety Focus Sheet


Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60% is one of the key prevention measures to help reduce the potential for transmission of communicable diseases. Because alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly flammable, the storage and dispensation within buildings are regulated by fire codes. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy environment.



Preventable fire alarm initiative

Seattle Fire Department’s (SFD) Fire Prevention Division is launching a new initiative in 2020 to avoid “false” or “preventable” alarms. For this reason, the City of Seattle is introducing citations of $373 or greater beginning January 1, 2020 for preventable alarms. As a result of this initiative, the availability of fire department resources to respond to true emergencies is expected to improve.

Preventable alarms include:

Heating Devices Focus Sheet


Many labs and shops use at least one type of heating device, such as ovens, hot plates, heating mantles and tapes, and oil baths. Heating materials, especially chemicals, present a number of fire and safety hazards. Download the focus sheet and follow the recommendations when using heating devices.