UW Gets Notice of Correction for Missing Radiation Inventory Reports


The Department of Health (DOH) Office of Radiation Protection recently conducted a regular inspection of the University’s Radiation Safety program to determine compliance with the University’s Radioactive Materials License (RML). The inspectors determined that not all Principal Investigators (PIs) are returning the semi-annual Inventory Verification Reports (IVRs), which is in violation of the RML requirement to conduct a semi-annual inventory of radioactive material sources. Therefore a Notice of Correction (NOC) was issued by DOH.

As part of the corrective actions for the NOC, a new enforcement policy for return of the IVRs has been drafted and will be reviewed for approval by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The new policy will require PIs to return the IVR to EH&S’s Radiation Safety program within 30 days. PIs who do not return the IVR within 30 days will be reported to the RSC, and the RSC will determine if any corrective action is necessary.

Any questions about the proposed changes to the Radiation Safety Manual should be directed to the Radiation Safety Officer, Philip Campbell, at philipc2@uw.edu or 206.543.4929, or may be brought to the attention of the RSC at their next meeting.