Radiation Use Authorization Program goes paperless


EH&S’s Radiation Safety team recently celebrated its paperless Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) program by sending 12 banker’s boxes full of active files off for secure records destruction. 

This transition to a paperless program was part of a TAP Initiative effort to streamline the RUA approval process. With the transition to a digital record, a paper record is no longer needed, so those 12 boxes of files will go to records destruction instead records retention.

How did we achieve this milestone? The existing paper files were scanned by staff and work study students. We recorded metrics throughout the project that can be used to evaluate the potential of transitioning other programs to a paperless system. 

  • 27,013 pages scanned from 169 RUAs
  • 159 pages scanned per hour
  • 170.4 hours dedicated to the project
  • Project duration: 20 months

Kevin Makinson, the chair of the RUA scanning project, has some words of advice for others who are considering undertaking a similar project: “The biggest hurdle is keeping the project moving. We had almost a year of dead time when no one was working on the project. Assign roles and give deadlines. When the whole team decided it was a priority, it went pretty quickly.”

For more information, please visit the Raditiation Use Authorization page.

Radiation Safety team
Radiation Safety RUA scanning project team