New Chemical Hygiene Officer Lab Safety Award


Lab Safety Award logo

Labs that receive a rating of 85 or higher on their most recent lab safety survey earn a Lab Safety Award. The Chemical Hygiene Officers (CHOs) are assigned by Principal Investigators to support lab safety programs, and are often responsible for much of the effort required to maintain a strong culture of safety. EH&S now acknowledges this effort with an award certificate. 

Labs can display their award by updating and printing out a new copy of their Caution Sign through MyChem, or they can print out an award certificate through the Lab Safety Dashboard.Lab Safety Initiative logo

EH&S performs routine lab safety surveys for all UW research and teaching labs.  The survey has questions about administrative documents, safety equipment, chemical management, training and personal protective equipment, and other required components of a lab safety program. Labs receive a survey rating based on survey findings using a standardized checklist, and the performance target is 85% “yes” on key questions. The CHO is awarded a certificate of recognition in labs that meet the performance target.

For questions about the lab safety survey program, please visit the Laboratory Safety web page.

Lab safety certificate sample