The 2017-18 UW Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM)


Updates include revised WAC codes, chemical storage guidelines, chemical shipment guidelines, training information, restrictions on minors in the workplace and new website links. A list of significant changes is highlighted in the log of changes.

All PI’s, lab managers, students and staff in UW laboratories using hazardous chemicals must have access to a current copy of the Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM) and supplemental laboratory-specific safety information. The LSM is your reference for laboratory safe practices and your reference for policies affecting laboratories at the UW. It is part of what the Washington Department of Labor and Industries calls a “Chemical Hygiene Plan" (CHP). According to WAC 296-828-20005, this document must be updated and reviewed annually, so make sure to update this new version with your lab-specific information.

It is expected that a copy of the LSM will be stored in each laboratory space where the work is going on and it must be accessible to all while at work. You can bookmark this page on your computer, print out a copy of the 2017-18 LSM, or order a copy from UW Copies Services (using this online form to order).

If you have any questions about the manual or its contents, please contact Tracy Harvey, Ph.D., UW Chemical Hygiene Officer, EH&S Laboratory Safety Program Manager: 206.616.3778 or email