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Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) Now Available

The Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) is currently available. The system was unavailable yesterday and early this morning. We are continuing to monitor the system’s performance.

If you experience difficulties using the system and are unable to submit a report, please complete the PDF Accident/Incident Report Form to report your injury, hazardous condition, near miss, or health and safety concern. Otherwise, continue to check back periodically for full access to the OARS.


The 2018 Biosafety Manual is now online!

The 2018 edition of the UW Biosafety Manual is here! The most significant changes included revisions to information on laboratory access, more information on proper laboratory attire and personal protective equipment (PPE), and a revised description of the occupational health program including the serum banking policy and immunization guidelines. A list of changes is included in the log of changes.


DEOHS Radiation Safety Continuing Ed Course

Professionals who have some radiation safety job responsibilities may be interested in a one-time radiation safety course offered by the UW Environmental and Occupational Health Services Continuing Education Programs.

Please note that this course does not meet the requirements of EH&S radiation safety training. For more information about EH&S's free online and classroom radiation safety courses, please visit our Training page.


It’s Time to Manage Safety

Myth: “There isn’t enough time to manage employee safety.”

The reality is that the clock is ticking … your time is valuable and you’re on deadline, but you don’t have time to not manage safety in your lab. PIs and Lab Managers who avoid taking the time up-front to implement safe work practices often spend valuable time managing lab safety after an incident occurs.

When it comes to lab safety, you don’t have time to not mitigate hazards.


New Chemical Hygiene Officer Lab Safety Award

Lab Safety Award logo

Labs that receive a rating of 85 or higher on their most recent lab safety survey earn a Lab Safety Award. The Chemical Hygiene Officers (CHOs) are assigned by Principal Investigators to support lab safety programs, and are often responsible for much of the effort required to maintain a strong culture of safety. EH&S now acknowledges this effort with an award certificate.