Guidance on Workplace Hazards Impacting Reproduction and Development

This guidance serves to imform employees about potential reproductive and developmental hazards to ensure safe work conditions and practices in their work environment. EH&S is available to assist in evaluating risks, and to advise on steps that can help reduct potential for risks. Although primarily meant for UW employees and their supervisors, this guidance should also be helpful for students and instructors. And this guidance may alert an individual about risks in the home environment, including hobbies.


Research Occupational Health


The UW EH&S Occupational Health (OH) Program strives to ensure the health and safety of University employees, students and support staff. OH program staff provide information and support to persons working in the research environment, including animal care and use. The goals of the program are to prevent injury or disease from hazards in the workplace.

Implementation of a Tobacco free Campus Report


This report provides a brief synopsis of the exhaustive evidence of the adverse health effects of tobacco use, and a summary of the multitude of approaches and experiences that other universities have implemented to prohibit smoking on campus. The goal of this report is to provide information for a data-driven decision regarding the adoption and implementation of a campus-wide tobacco free policy.