Smoke in Designated Areas Only


The UW provides a safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors through maintaining a no smoking policy (WAC 478-136-035). Although research has clearly indicated that smoking damages the human body, there are still some 36.5 million adults that continue to smoke in the United States (CDC). 

The UW is a smoke-free campus, with the exception of 28 designated smoking areas. The designated smoking areas are clearly indicated with signage and installed with urns for disposal of cigarette butts. EH&S has the role of determining where the designated areas are located around campus. Click to view a map of the designated smoking areas on the UW Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses.

EH&S continues to receive odor complaints due to smoking occurring outside of the designated areas. Due to the population density of the campus, any smoking that occurs outside of a designated smoking area will increase the risk of secondhand smoke exposure to non-smokers. Please smoke only in designated areas. Violations of the university no smoking policy are subject to enforcement by the UW Police Department.

The health effects of cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke include a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer and many other negative health impacts. 

The best way a smoker can reduce their risk of developing smoking related illnesses is to quit. There are many different methods to help smokers quit and it may take a number of attempts until you succeed.

Here are some resources to help you get started on the path to a smoke-free lifestyle:

If you have questions or feedback, please contact Brandon Kemperman at or 206.543.1713.