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09/29/2020 - 14:15


The COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for In-Person Events (Word) outline measures to limit potential COVID-19 transmission at in-person events. These measures consider state and local public health guidance for businesses and Higher Education institutions.

For events that require approval through the Use of University Facilities (UUF) process, event organizers should work with the venue operator to complete an In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan and keep it on file.

For events that don’t require approval through the UUF process, event organizers should submit a completed In-Person Event COVID-19 Prevention Plan to the relevant University unit representative or sponsor.

Log of changes:

  • 9/28/22: Removed link to the Vaccination Verification Guidance for In-Person Events
  • 5/31/22: Added to the checklist COVID-19 testing prior to and after the event
  • 3/25/22: Updated requirements for serving food at events (Eating and Drinking Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention was archived)
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