UW Biosafety Manual

The January 2017 update to the UW Biosafety Manual is online.

Please prominently bookmark this site on your lab's computer desktop, or print a copy and make it available to laboratory staff. See the log of changes to review recent updates.

Staff working with biohazards in UW laboratories (BSL-1 and higher) must review and have access to this manual and any supplemental laboratory-specific information. BSL-2 laboratories with BSL-3 practices and BSL-3 laboratories must also have their laboratory-specific safety procedures reviewed by an EH&S biosafety officer.

Download or view the manual by selecting the desired section below or the complete manual. All documents are in PDF format.

Title Page
Emergency Information
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Review Procedures for Research at the University of Washington
Section 3 - Risk Assessment
Section 4 - Procedures for Biohazard Control
Section 5 - Employee Occupational Health Programs
Section 6 - Emergency Preparedness and Response
Appendix A - Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
Appendix B - Posting Biohazard Signs and Labels
Appendix C - Transporting and Shipping Biohazardous Agents (Including Laboratory Specimens)
Appendix D - Current Records Maintained in Biosafety Manual
Appendix E - Website Links

Download the complete manual.