Training for IBC Members

Training for IBC Members

This training was designed for UW Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Members to meet the requirements of the NIH Guidelines and to prepare them for expanded efforts of the review of recombinant DNA (rDNA) applications. This training provides a basic introduction to rDNA research for IBC members who do not regularly work with rDNA.

Training Objectives

  • Review the roles and responsibilities of the IBC in oversight of rDNA research including types of research covered by the NIH Guidelines, biosafety levels, and typical review and approval processes that apply to various forms of rDNA research, exclusive of University policies and procedures.
  • Apply practical guidance for the review of research applications utilizing general research examples, case studies, and specific UW principal investigator applications.

Training Videos

  • Part 1: Introduction, Purpose, Objectives, Biosafety Oversight, Introduction to rDNA and Technologies
  • Part II: Introduction to rDNA and Technologies (Contd.)
  • Part III: The NIH Guidelines
  • Part IV: IBC Protocol Reviews and Wrap-Up  (UWNetID required)