Laboratory Safety Surveys

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The Laboratory Safety Survey Team periodically conducts general lab surveys in over 3,800 lab spaces (about 900 research and teaching groups) on the Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell campuses, as well as labs located in offsite or leased buildings. These surveys are typically scheduled with PIs and lab managers, take about 40 minutes to conduct, and occur about every 16 months.

Laboratory surveys are general in nature and evaluate for a broad range of topics including training, personal protective equipment, standard operating procedures, chemical safety, fire safety, hazardous waste, bio-safety, radiation safety, seismic safety, compressed gas safety, electrical safety, and similar topics. The evaluation is based upon applicable rules and regulations and University policy, including the UW Laboratory Safety Manual. unlabeled chemicals in a lab

Surveys are scheduled by building or complex (in the case of Health Sciences), and then by department. Following the survey, reports are provided directly to each responsible party, usually a principal investigator or lab manager.

After each lab survey and within two days of conducting the survey, EH&S sends the principal investigator a laboratory survey report which lists each finding and the party responsible for correcting it. Findings should be corrected within 45 days and reported back to EH&S as corrected. We recognize some issues may take longer to address.

View a Sample Lab Survey Checklist. You can also view in depth explanations of the requirements specified on the checklist, self-help tools, and references to the codes driving them on the Checklist Explanations Web page.

After about 30 days, EH&S will close out its evaluation and send a summary of unresolved issues to the department chair or other responsible party for follow up.

If a serious or imminent hazard is identified while performing these safety surveys, EH&S may escalate the matter to assure prompt resolution.



EH&S Lab Survey Team Members

Member Title Position Contact
Tracy Harvey Lab Safety Survey & Fume Hood Programs Manager 206-616-3778
Alex Hagen Compliance Analyst 206-221-2339
John Kushleika Safety Professional 2 206-543-2835
Jose Villegas Environmental Control Technician 206-616-5516