Safety Surveys and Inspections

BFS safety inspector Jerry Glines teaching fire extinguisher handling... Outside regulatory agencies, EH&S, together with your department, all play a role in assuring a healthy and safe workplace.

EH&S Building and Fire Safety personnel regularly perform campus health and safety surveys. The purpose of these surveys is to assist researchers, employees, and departments in identifying ways to:

  • Reduce injury and exposure
  • Decrease risk of property loss
  • Lessen the likelihood of lost research
  • Minimize environmental damage
unsafe work area

Surveys are conducted routinely and address fire safety, chemical hazards, occupational health and safety, and environmental requirements. We assess both public areas, laboratories, shops, and other high risk areas. If you have general questions about Fire and Lab Safety surveys, please call (206) 543-0465. If you have questions about specific survey findings, please contact the EH&S survey personnel that is listed on your survey report.