Hazardous/Flammable Materials Permits

Chemical lab

A fire department permit is required to store and use hazardous materials in University buildings. Permits may be obtained directly from the Seattle Fire Department (SFD, leaves EH&S website), or other appropriate local authority, through application to the Fire Marshal's Office Permit Section. Call (206) 386-1450 or other appropriate local authority (see the Fire Authorities page for more information). Departments are responsible for permit fees.

Permits are required for any quantity of highly hazardous material and for small to moderate quantities of other materials. For example, a permit is required for any quantity of highly toxic or unstable material and for flammable liquids in quantities in excess of five gallons in a building. Contact your fire department directly or EH&S Building and Fire Safety at (206)616.5530 for assistance.

Lab Permit Conditions

See SFD Permit Conditions (PDF). Contact EH&S at (206) 543-3360 for assistance.