Refrigerators and Freezers: General Information

Refrigerators and Freezers

  • The unit should be located in the laboratory or room so that it does not impair emergency exiting. The unit may not be located in a corridor, hallway, or other exit way unless specifically approved by Environmental Health & Safety.
  • The unit must be plugged directly into a building electrical receptacle. Use of an electrical extension cord may present a fire risk and is a violation of of the fire code.
  • Flammable liquids should not be stored or cooled in the unit unless it is specifically designed for this purpose; doing so may result in an explosion. If this unit is associated with research or located in or near a laboratory and not UL listed for flammable liquids, please affix a "CAUTION Not Explosion Proof..." sticker to the unit's door. Contact EH&S (email to request the following sticker/s:

    no-explosion sticker
         no food sticker

  • Affix the appropriate food and drink sticker on the unit. Consumable food and drink may not be stored in a unit that is used for research. Similarly research materials may not be stored in units dedicated to consumable food and drink. Units for food and drink may not be place in laboratories, although they may be placed in adjacent offices. Units in food service facilities, break rooms, and other non-research areas need not be labeled with a food and drink sticker.
  • For more information related to storing flammable liquids in refrigerators and freezers see