About Building and Fire Safety

The mission of Building and Fire Safety (BFS) is to help ensure that all facilities used by University personnel and students are safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Programs designed to meet this mission include the following:

  • Building Project Review: The primary goal of this program is to ensure buildings are designed and constructed per established safety and environmental criteria.
  • Fire Prevention and Safety: This program establishes procedures for meeting requirements of the fire code. We assist departments in resolving regulatory agency violations, provide training, perform fire investigations, assist with hazardous material permits and requirements, assist with emergency preparedness, evacuation planning and drills, and provide an assurance role for fire and life safety system confidence testing and similar activities. This office is the University’s primary liaison with the Seattle Fire Department.
  • Testing of Fume Hoods and Biosafety Cabinets: The goal of this program is to ensure that fume hoods and biosafety cabinets are performing per established criteria.
  • Fire and Lab Safety Surveys: The objective of this program is to survey buildings and identify and facilitate correction of environmental, health and safety related findings.
  • Capital Safety Improvements: This program identifies and tracks existing facility related findings eligible for capital improvement funding and manages funded project.