Construction projects and stormwater

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Large projects

Construction projects must apply for a temporary erosion control plan as a part of their building permit through local jurisdictions (ie the City of Seattle). Temporary erosion control plans are designed to prevent storm water from eroding bare dirt surfaces and carrying sediment and other pollutants into nearby water bodies.

In addition, locations with contaminated groundwater must sometimes discharge to sanitary sewer or collect and dispose of the water as dangerous waste. Discharge to sanitary sewer requires a letter of authorization to discharge or a discharge permit, depending on the amount of water to be discharged. Water that is too polluted to go to sanitary sewer must be shipped offsite in coordination with the EH&S Environmental Programs.

Refer to the EH&S Design Guides for more information about construction stormwater management.

For assistance with erosion control plans as well as information about stormwater quality and dewatering, please contact us at 206.685.3759.

Smaller projects

Some smaller projects on campus that involve groundwater collection, such as replacing electrical vaults, do not need a City building permit but do still need to obtain discharge authorizations. Call 206.685.3759 to initiate this process before you start your project.