Oil and Oil Filters

Used oil from UW motor vehicles, laboratory and small equipment

EH&S accepts motor oil and all other oils from laboratories and small equipment. Most of the non-halogenated oils are blended and recycled for use as bunker fuel on ships. Halogenated oils are incinerated.

For all oil, fill out the online Chemical Waste Collection Request form or fill out and mail or fax a Chemical Waste Collection Request (or a New Routine Chemical Collection Request if you generate waste oil on a regular basis.)

The biggest generator of motor oil and oil filters is UW Motor Pool. They have in place their own innovative reuse and recycling program that help them win all five stars possible in the Envirostar award program as well as the Governor's Award in 2005. They burn their used motor oil in a heater in their maintenance shop.

We also accept vacuum pump oil. However, check with your vacuum pump's manufacturer first. Some manufacturers accept your used vacuum pump oil and offer you a discount on your new oil in return. They re-refine it for reuse, which is the best use of your used oil.

Used oil filters

Oil filters can be recycled as scrap metal after they have been "hot-drained" (at 160 degrees F) and crushed, as pictured below. To do so, contact UW Motor Pool directly at 206.685.1566.

filter (11K)