Metal Recycling

UW Recycling handles most scrap metal, but we handle precious metals, commodity metals, and gas cylinders that can't be reused, as well as other metal containers that contain or did contain hazardous material. Common items we recycle include gas cylinders and metal drums. However, if you have something unusual, either email or call 206.616.5835. Likely we know how to recycle it.

Below are some examples of items that we have recycled over the past few years.

Capacitorcapacitor (10K)
Abandoned laboratory equipmentabandoned lab equipment (27K)
Older high voltage equipment that could not be reused. (Those are mercury-containing bulbs on top and there is PCB-contaminated oil in the bottom.) From the Department of Electrical Engineering.electrical engineering equipment (15K)
Standard electrical cabinet for transformer. Contained oil and copper wrapping.electrical (6K)
Porosimeter. Lots of mercury.porosimeter (15K)
Really big switchgear. Thousands of pounds of scrap metal and copper.switchgear (23K)