During Food Safety Education Month, EH&S’s Public Health Program reminds UW students, faculty and staff that you must obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit when hosting a public event where food is served on UW property.

A Temporary Food Service Permit allows EH&S’s Public Health Program to evaluate the safety of food preparation, handling and storage before food arrives on campus. Event organizers and external vendors must adhere to local health department regulations for all events where food is served to the public.

Not sure whether you need a Temporary Food Service Permit for your event? Visit the Temporary Food Service Permit page and follow the decision tree to determine whether you need a permit.

Did you know?

EH&S conducts more than 500 food service inspections each year to keep University staff, faculty, students, patients and visitors safe from foodborne illnesses. We routinely inspect the medical centers, athletic event concession stands, day care centers, restaurants and food trucks on all three UW campuses.

For more information about EH&S’s Public Health Program, visit the Food Safety Program page or contact us at phdept@uw.edu or 206.543.7262.

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website to find out more about the Four Steps to Food Safety.

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