Pac-12 conference for environmental health and safety directors


The UW hosted the annual conference for Pac-12 environmental health and safety (EH&S) directors April 11-13 on the Seattle campus. There were 14 participants from various Pac-12 universities sharing strategies for maintaining health and safety in academic settings.

David Anderson, executive director of Health Sciences Administration and interim vice provost for Risk Services welcomed the directors and led the discussion on the importance of root cause investigation and data analysis to determine causes of on-the-job accidents and prevent future occurrences.

Conference presentations included:

  • Using software applications to conduct more efficient lab surveys
  • GIS mapping of campuses for emergency response and compliance
  • Lab safety risk assessments and survey strategies
  • Providing regulated training for handling of chemicals
  • Conducting field assessments of police vehicles for carbon monoxide exposures
  • Testing for elevated lead levels in drinking water
  • Innovative approaches to providing employee health services

Roundtable discussion sessions included:

The Pac-12 EH&S leaders appreciated the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences regarding the complex health and safety challenges on our campuses. The meeting resulted in new  collaborations to increase EH&S program efficiency and effectiveness.

For questions about the Pac-12 EH&S conference, please contact Jude Van Buren, senior director, at