Sealed Source Radiation Test

You may take this test if you have completed the web-based Sealed Source Radiation Basics Training Modules.  Completion of this test does not certify you to use any other radioactive materials except sealed and plated sources.  If you plan to use unsealed sources of radioactive material, you must complete the Initial Radiation Safety Training Program.

The Sealed Source Radiation Basics Test has been developed to allow people who will use sealed and plated radioactive sources at the University of Washington to demonstrate at their convenience a reasonable understanding of the basic properties of radiation and of the rules and regulations which apply to sealed and plated source use at the University of Washington.

The questions for the test are taken directly from the training material contained in the Sealed Source Radiation Basics Training Modules located at the Radiation Safety Web Site.

If you have taken radiation safety training at another institution, you must read about the rules, regulations and the administration of the University of Washington's radiation safety program, the dosimetry program at UWMC and HMC, and the guidelines and requirements for handling sealed sources:

Begin at the Government Regulations portion of the Modules

This is a 15-20 question multiple-choice test.  The test has been constructed so that you must  successfully answer a question before you can move on to the next question.  If you answer a question incorrectly, the computer screen will direct you to the portion of the Training Module with the correct information.  You may then use the 'Back' key at the top of your browser to return to the question and correct your answer.


At any point you may quit the test, but you will not be able to save the work you have done up to that point.  If you quit the test and then decide to take it again, you must start from the beginning.


When you reach the end of the test, you will be prompted to fill out a Test Completion Form with your name, department, supervisor and the last four digits of your social security number.  This Form is electronically submitted to EHS who will forward it to Radiation Safety.


After the Test Completion form is e-mailed to EHS, EHS will e-mail you and your supervisor with a notification that you are authorized to begin work using sealed or plated sources.


Sealed Source Test

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