Trustworthy & Reliable

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  • Large sources of radioactive materials may require extraordinary security measures to ensure safe use.
  • The RSO, under regulations enacted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission & WA DOH, requires all users of large sources to be certified as "Trustworthy & Reliable".
  • Trustworthy & reliable requires a background investigation; proof of employment; fingerprinting; and may include other identity verifications.
  • Use Authorization for Unescorted Access to begin this process.
  • Only authorized personnel may use large sources when not escorted. Violations may result in closure of the source for your use.
  • Other security measures may include special rooms; alarm systems.
  • These new requirements are strictly enforced by Washington State Department of Health so plan accordingly & well in advance if new workers or workers not currently certified need to use these sources.
  • Contact the RSO at 206.543.0463 for specific information and requirements.

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