How to Perform and Document a Good Survey

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    Focus on work areas where RAM is used.

    Focus on heavily trafficked areas, particularly common places where people put their hands (e.g. telephones, chair backs, pencils, computers, door knobs, drawer handles).

    Elements of your Survey Form:

    • Name of room/building surveyed
    • Surveyor's name or initials
    • Date
    • Map of area surveyed (can use a single map for multiple surveys)
    • Serial number of instrument used
    • Background reading for that day
    • Results of survey
    • Record of any action(s) taken for contamination

    Very Important!!

    Remember: monthly lab surveys are required whether or not radioactive material has been used or stored in a lab since the last survey. There are no exemptions allowed to this policy!

    Contact the RSO if there are any concerns: 206.543.0463 or 206.543.6328.

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