Survey Book

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  • Each survey book contains a letter of requirements and samples of how surveys should be performed.

  • RSO Form 412A, Authorized Investigator's Laboratory Survey Record, and RSO Form 412B, Authorized Investigator's Laboratory Survey Results are included with the survey book and available on the EH&S web site.

  • RSO Form 412A requires that you:

    • Draw a layout of the lab with desks, sinks, and other instruments.

    • Note the areas where radioactive material is stored.

    • If waste is stored in this lab, identify the waste area on your map.

    • Label locations you might want to monitor.

    • For example use a, b c or 1 2, 3 as points so it is easy to identify on RSO Form 412B.

    • Only one survey map is required per lab unless significant changes are made to the lab layout.

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