RAM Transfer

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    The UW Radiation Safety Office allows labs to transfer radioactive materials to one another as long as the receiving and transferring labs are part of the UW's radioactive materials license.

    • Use RSO Form 160T to transfer material to another lab.

    • RSO Forms 160 and 160T are available on-line at the UW EHS website or through the RSO office.

    • Make sure the amount of radioactivity transferred is noted on your RSO Form 160 as well as the RSO Form 160T.

    • After disposal and/or decay of all material, send a copy of RSO Form 160 to the RSO.

    • An AUI's allowance is not credited until the RSO Form 160 is received by the Radiation Safety Office.

    • An example of a RSO Form 160T is shown on the next page.

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