Mixed Waste

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    A Mixed Waste is any material that is radioactive and exhibits any of the following characteristics:

    • Is Flammable.
      • Flash point lower than 140 F.

    • Is an Oxidizer.
      • Brings O2 to a fire.

    • Is Corrosive.
      • Generally, any chemical with a pH < 2 or > 12.

    • Is Reactive.
      • Can explode.

    • Is a Carcinogen or a Suspected Carcinogen.
      • Can cause cancer.

    • Is Toxic or Poisonous.
      • Deadly to humans or animals if injected, ingested, inhaled, or absorbed.

    • Is an Environmentally Persistent Chemical.
      • These compounds tend to bio-accumulate and include halogenated solvents and fluorinated organic compounds.

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