The RSO Compactor

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  • Only 55-gallon DOT certified drums are used for compaction.

  • LSA bags are put into the drum.

  • LSA drums do not require sealing.

  • The RSO put radionuclides and activity for each on the top of each drum. Both isotope and activity are based on your input.

  • LSA drums sent off campus are based on Class A activity.
    • Maximum 70 Ci of Tritium (H-3).
    • Maximum 150 mCi of Carbon-14.

  • The drum is considered unstable since it is still compactable.

  • The RSO manifests and ships all radioactive LSA drums to a licensed vendor, who further compacts the drums, mixes the compacted drums (pucks) in cement, and buries them at a low level radioactive waste (LLRW) site such as Hanford, WA.

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