What's the difference between short-lived and long-lived dry LSA waste?

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  • If short-lived and long-lived wastes are mixed together in the same LSA box, the box will be treated as a long-lived LSA box and the lab will be charged for disposal at a long-lived waste disposal site.

  • The RSO recommends that you segregate your wastes into a minimum of long-lived and short-lived radionuclide wastes. Even small amounts of tritium mixed with P-32 will require disposal off campus.

  • It is advisable to segregate short-lived wastes as well. For example, if you mix P-32 (14 day half-life) with S-35 (88 day half-life) you must keep the waste for 10 half-lives for the longest lived material or 880 days. If the amount of S-35 used is small compared to P-32 used (which is normally the case), then you are still required to decay it for 880 days as compared to 140 days if it were only P-32.

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