Washington State License Inspections:

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  1. Washington State Department of Health Radiation Protection Division (DOH) conducts annual inspections of the UW radioactive materials license.   This inspection may be scheduled or may be unannounced.

  2. DOH may inspect any licensed or registered activity.   During inspections, you may tell the inspectors about past or present conditions that you believe contributed to or caused problems with working conditions involving radiation.

  3. DOH inspectors want to talk to you if you are worried about radiation safety or have related concerns.   Your employer must not prevent you from talking with an inspector.   DOH will make all reasonable efforts to protect your identity.

  4. Any worker or worker representative who believes that there is noncompliance with

    • Chapter 70.98 of the Revised Code of Washington, the radiation regulations,
    • the requirements of your employer's license, or
    • registration involving the worker's radiation working conditions,

    may request an inspection by sending a notice of the alleged noncompliance to DOH.   The request must specify exactly what is wrong and must be signed by the worker or worker representative.

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