Authorized User (AUI) Responsibilities

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    Once certified as an AUI, the AUI is responsible for the following in every lab or space they are authorized:

  • Proper instruction to workers on safe use of materials and specific procedures in the labs.

  • Proper control and security of all materials, ensuring no RAM is allowed in uncontrolled areas.

  • Providing needed equipment and instruments to monitor for radioactivity and protect workers from external and internal radiation exposure.

  • Proper labeling and posting of signs in all authorized spaces and on equipment used for RAM activities.

  • Proper waste disposal and documentation of disposal and surveys.

  • Notification to the RSO of accidents, major spills, and/or contamination of equipment or personnel.

  • Notification to the RSO prior to using new rooms, leaving rooms, or leaving or retiring from the UW.

  • If in doubt, always contact the RSO for information.

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