Personnel Dosimeters

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  • Wearing a dosimeter will not protect you from radiation.   It is a tool to measure and document your exposure to ionizing radiation and ensure the Washington state limits for exposure to ionizing radiation are not exceeded.

  • Dosimeters indicates the total dose over the issue period, either monthly or quarterly.

  • Dosimeters cannot inform you of the dose rate or times of exposure.

  • Dosimeter are processed on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the amount or types of radioactive materials used.

  • Exposure reports express dose in dose equivalent (mrem).

  • Whole body dosimeters give a permanent record that can be read many times to ensure the accuracy of your exposure.

  • Thermoluminescent dosimeters (ring TLDs) can only be read once.

  • Information about dosimeters can be found on the EHS website in the University of Washington Radiation Safety Manual and Principles of Radiation Protection.

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